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Real Madrid-Sevilla
Football - Super Cup 2016
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UEFA Super Cup 2016 – BETTING TIPS

Coefficient - 2.62
tips efficiency - 81 %
The last matches between these teams have turned out different. In the game, when «Real Madrid» won 7-3, the corners were only three (!). And in the match when «Seville» won 2-1 there were 11 corners. This time, we think there will be less than 10 corners because the team has just rolled into the season, not all players are in a great shape, we should not expect great swagger from them. The bet «Total corners less than 10″ in this super cup 2016 appeals to us.
Coefficient - 2.45
tips efficiency - 72 %
The opponents know each other well. «Sevilla» beat «Real” and Real did the same even in the Super Cup 2014. Now they are playing in Trondheim, Norway. For both teams Super Cup 2016 is an important match, and we think they will do their best to beat the opponent. «Seville» will score in a counterattack, and we believe today they will punish Real, or there will be a draw. Why not?
Coefficient - 2.4
tips efficiency - 69 %
Real Madrid is reinforced, of course. So, it’s time to show the class and skill. We are confident that there will be more than enough goals. With such star players in the attack, you can count not only on a team play but also on individual skills. We are 100% sure that there will be many goals in super cup 2016, we are confident in «Real’s» victory, well, «Seville» will score a goal of prestige. We think that the score will be 3-1! And good luck to everyone!
Coefficient - 2.4
tips efficiency - 82 %
We are almost certain that the total will work. Though closed football is a tradition in these games, «Real Madrid» is such a team that the game in the attack cannot be sparse, there are players, who can implement and create chances. Yes, and «Sevilla» is likely to show off just catching the right moment. Well, these bets are also possible at super cup 2016: the victory of «Real» with a handicap -1, a possible score 2-1, 3-1, 3-0 in favour of «Real».
Coefficient - 2.5
tips efficiency - 75 %
The favourite of the match is Real Madrid, which is quite predictable. The team is on a good run. But given the problems in the defence of «Real», it is possible to wait for the goals scored by Sevilla this Super Cup 2016. They will surely score, and Real will not remain in debts. Not the best relations are between these two teams. «Red and White» lost to the «royal» several games in a row. Moreover, the defeat was of a different calibre from 0: 1 to 3: 7.
Coefficient - 3
tips efficiency - 64 %
Probably every bookmaker, taking bets on the results of the UEFA super cup 2016 will put Real Madrid as the favourite. But at the same time, it is not necessary to write off Sevilla ahead of the time. Unai Emery built a strong team that can show anyone the teeth, which it did in the last season. Sevilla’s coef will be higher. And many are willing to take an advantage of it.
Coefficient - 3
tips efficiency - 66 %
Protection and the play on the counterattack in Sevilla’s team are set as follows. Bettors have already included this factor in their bidding strategies. In any case, fans and those who like to earn on sports betting will see a spectacular game, beautiful football, plenty of goals. Will they? That this is the central question of the super cup 2016 evening on 12 August.
Coefficient - 3
tips efficiency - 51 %
In such tournament as the UEFA super cup 2016, there is no clear separation of the strengths and weaknesses, and the notion of the favourite and the underdog is rather conditional. The match betting on August 9 will be the most diverse. Few expect a mutual open football. It is expected that Sevilla will make a bet on reliability from their own goal.

Belgium vs. Italy. Make Your Bets and Enjoy One of the Highest-Profile Games during Euro 2016

Belgium is going to play with Italy at the most intriguing football event of the year. The match will be held at Stadium de Lyon on June 13 at 9 PM local time. It’s one of the most talked-about matches of Euro 2016 and the fans will definitely find our football tipsters useful. The teams will meet in a Group E, together with Ireland and Sweden.

Both Belgium and Italy have good past records and good chances to win. However, only facts and stats can help you make more grounded predictions about the end result of the game. All the previous meetings of the teams ended with the victory of Italy, Belgium or a draw game so the fans now feel completely uncertain about the upcoming game.

You will love making bets on this game

It’s difficult to imagine any important sports event without betting. It adds adrenalin and excitement to the game – which is particularly true about football. Italy is one of the strongest football teams in the world, but Belgium still managed to beat it a few times. The game is expected to be really hot. Our betting tipsters can help you a lot if you are going to make bets on your team. It’s like feeling as if you are involved in a game.

Betting helps fans to be closer to the team, be alert not to miss any detail. Make your bets and encourage your friends to join you. Whether you are going to the stadium or planning to enjoy live-streaming channel, the feeling of unmatched euphoria will be with you. We share the best tipsters to get the fans as much excited as possible.

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When two teams are strong enough and both have good chances to win, detailed analysis of past achievements, squad changes and previous meetings is required to make grounded predictions. Get the best football tipsters on our website, collected stats and betting recommendations prepared by experienced football and betting experts. Please also enjoy our pre-match articles that show all the necessary facts about the rival teams and their winning chances.

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Basic Belgium – Italy match predictions

Both Belgium and Italy had no problems qualifying for the match. But Italy is no longer as powerful as it used to be once. Pelle has scored only nine goals this season. Antonio Conte’s problems could also affect the team’s chances to go far. Yet, Italy can boast of strong defense on their side.

Belgium in its turn is very optimistic to go far and they seem to have a perfect time for that. We can also mention their glorious 3-1 victory over Italy and the chances are high that they will succeed this time again.

This match is going to be a real football fight. It will be a tough game not to be missed. Make your bets and earn good money. We make some really attractive betting offers. Read through our euro 2016 tipsters column to make a smart and fact-based decision.