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UEFA super cup 2021 – how to get to Trondheim by plane, train or car

    The upcoming UEFA Super Cup 2021 will be held on 9 August. The championship is traditionally held late in summer, the curtain of the summer transfer window. So the fans will be able to see firsthand the new composition of the two hegemonic European football teams.

    In the Norwegian city of Trondheim, which will host the UEFA Super Cup in 2021, the two teams will fight for a challenge trophy. The format of the match will be no different from other European cup final meetings: two halves of 45 minutes and two additional periods of 15 minutes or penalties if the match participants do not reveal the strongest at the regular time. The meeting of the season will be held in Norwegian stadium "Lerkendal". Starting in 2013, this is the third time that the Super Cup will be held not in the arena "Louis II”, which was the permanent venue of the tournament since 1998.

    If you are the lucky owner of UEFA Cup 2021 tickets, you are surely interested in the ways to get there. Here are some of the tips.

Hotels in Trondheim
Scandic Lerkendal
Klæbuveien 127 A, 7031 Trondheim
Singsaker Sommerhotell
Rogerts gate 1, 7016 Trondheim
Pensjonat Jarlen
Kongens gate 40, 7012 Trondheim
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Perhaps you think that Norway is too far to get there. But this is not so. There are direct flights to Norway from many cities in the world. And if you live relatively close to it, you can reach it by sea, train, bus, and even by your own car.

The vast majority of international flights arrive exactly at Oslo Airport. Overseas flights will take you directly to Trondheim.

An extensive rail network links Norway to the other Scandinavian countries and Europe. There are regular trains between Oslo and Copenhagen several times a week. The tickets along Europe and Norway have a number of discounts.

There is also a bus connection to Norway from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Russia.

The trip to Norway by car is one of the correct ways to get to know this amazing country. The main part of autos enter the country from Sweden, but Norway also borders to Russia and Finland. All passenger ships and ferries arriving in Norway from other countries take vehicles on board.

In Norway, there are ferries from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the UK. Most ferry companies offer packages that include tickets and passenger car transportation. There are also significant discounts for seniors, students and children. Norway is a popular cruise destination, and cruise ships often stop at Trondheim.

We hope this guide will help not only those who have Super Cup tickets but other tourists seeking for memorable impressions.